Death of Death

The artificial intelligence is not a straight road with one destination, it has branched in to so many areas which makes artificial intelligence one of the most complex subjects that there is. When starting to read on the subject it is so easy to get distracted by all the amazing topics and concepts and it happens so often to me.

While reading a book on AI I was distracted by some concept which lead me to another concept and then another and  so on and finally I came across the concept of ‘Death of Death‘. Of cause its not a new thing, we have seen death of death in different contexts, mostly in TV shows or films. In Supernatural TV show they literally kill death. But we are not talking about the death as an entity but more in the lines of immortality.

If you have watched the not so long ago movie ‘Transcendence‘ then this concept is almost similar to it.

Now in my readings I came across an argument where it states that ‘Intelligence cannot be artificial‘. Whether its a human animal or a machine, if its intelligent then it is intelligent, there is nothing called artificial. May be its true, may be as humans its is our ego that’s stopping us from accepting that there can be more intelligent entities than us. Any way, if we give it some thought, what is actually ‘Artificial’ in relation to intelligence ?

I am intelligent, you are intelligent and if there is another entity which can do everything thing you and me can do then isn’t it intelligent ? How is it’s intelligence differ from us ? what makes its intelligence artificial and ours natural if all of us have the same capabilities ?

Is it because we use our flesh and blood brain and it uses electronic circuitry ?  Then doesn’t that mean its the body that’s artificial, not the intelligence ?

In a future article we will discuss it further, I still have a lot to think about it and figure out which is which. In the mean time lets say that intelligence is intelligence, regardless  whether its generated on wetware or hardware.

Now back to the topic. The technology is rapidly growing and many notable people are concerned about the technological singularity. The book ‘rapture of the geeks‘ scares the hell out of us providing warnings of the impending doom.

But what if the singularity isn’t about a machine/program going super-intelligent, what if its about we being able to upload our consciousness to a computer ? The concept of ‘Death of Death‘ in technological terms takes in to account the fact that one day the technology will be able to create two things.

A compute/machine which is complex and durable enough to hold human consciousness forever.

And a way of extracting consciousnesses from our biological body and transferring it to this machine.

If we are able to achieve these two then we can strip away our dying bodies and live forever, essentially marking the death of death.

So can this be achieved ? If so would we be in movie Matrix kind of a world minus the machine overlords and the incubating physical bodies ? Our uploaded consciousnesses interacting with each other on a virtual world forever ?

(Personally that would suck for me. We live we die we live again. Having the same life forever ? all the regrets, enemies, heartaches forever? No thank you.)  Anyway I don’t think that we will come to the point where we can cause ‘death of death‘. Sure we will build machines complex enough to hold consciousness forever (at-least theoretically) but we will not be able to transfer our consciousness, why ? because its not a tangible thing. Its not like monitoring and copying brainwaves, we humans (apart from the spiritually awakened) still have no clue on what or where the consciousness is.  Sure, we have a whole bunch of theories, but that’s all they are, theories.

So even  though many think it would be cool to live forever by uploading our consciousness to machines, I don’t think the ‘Death of Death‘ will ever come to pass.



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